Our Dashboards help you visualize Open Science

Showcase your Open Science contributions and monitor effects of Open Science policies

DataSeer’s Open Science Dashboards are a ‘plug and play’ tool for monitoring and showcasing Open Science for a corpus of articles. 

Send article texts (as xml or pdfs) to DataSeer on a weekly or monthly basis, and we provide a clean, clear interactive dashboard for users to explore how a range of key Open Science metrics varies through time. 

The dashboard below shows compliance with open science policies for one of our clients.

Dashboards example

What do you want to know?

Clients dashboards can display a wide range of Open Science metrics

Our clients are able to visualize numerous metrics, including:

  • % articles uploaded as preprints
  • % articles published Open Access
  • % sharing any original data
  • % sharing any original code
  • % re-using previously published data
  • % correctly citing data re-use
  • The proportion of original datasets shared per article
  • The proportion of original code objects shared per article


Get in touch with tim@dataseer.ai to discuss your Open Science dashboard needs!