About DataSeer

Uncover. Advise. Monitor.

DataSeer fills the urgent need for a low-cost, scalable solution to show researchers how to comply with stakeholder data sharing policies.

DataSeer was conceived by Tim Vines while he was manually checking compliance with the journal Molecular Ecology‘s data sharing policy –instead of going through an article line-by-line for 30 minutes, why not have Artificial Intelligence do the same job in 2 seconds?

DataSeer fills the urgent need for a low-cost, scalable solution to:

a) show researchers what they need to do to comply with data sharing policies, and

b) allow stakeholders to precisely monitor compliance with their data policy.

DataSeer was started with funding from the Sloan foundation

We’ve so far collected training data from over 4000 articles

We’re open source (web app is here, machine learning code is here)

Our PeoplE

DataSeer personnel

Eva Bramwell

Business Development

Eva is an accomplished business strategist and marketing leader with long experience in growing startups in various industries including life sciences, fintech, edtech and construction. She has built out the DataSeer sales and marketing process and gives advice on the big decisions.

Buz Ergeneci

Data Curator

Buz’s research experience is primarily in the field of physical chemistry. In addition to being a Data Curator at DataSeer, she is currently working as a research assistant at the University of British Columbia to investigate organic molecule formations in interstellar clouds. Buz is in the final semester of attaining her BSc in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia.

Nicolas Kieffer


Nicolas is a French web developer specialised in the creation of tools and platforms for processing data from scientific research. I previously worked on the ISTEX and Conditor projects, within the Inist CNRS. I am now in charge of the development and maintenance of the DataSeer web application.

Souad McIntosh

Operations Manager

Souad is the Operations Manager and a Data Curator at DataSeer. She  is our main point of client contact and oversees the various applications of our AI. Souad is passionate about efficiency, auditing, and especially Open Data. Previously, Souad was employed in the restaurant and customer service industries. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Simon Fraser University and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Allegra Pearce

Audits Coordinator

Allegra’s work has focussed on the ecology and evolution of aquatic systems, with an emphasis on data management and improving the transfer of knowledge through open science. Her love of nature drew her to study biology, where she found a new interest in data analysis. She has a MSc in Biology from McGill University and currently lives outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Tim Vines, PhD

Founder and Director

Tim Vines is the Founder and Project Lead on DataSeer. Prior to that he founded Axios Review, an independent peer review company that helped authors find journals that wanted their paper. He was the Managing Editor for the journal Molecular Ecology for eight years, where he led their adoption of data sharing and numerous other initiatives. He writes for the industry-leading Scholarly Kitchen blog, and has published research papers on peer review, data sharing, and reproducibility (including one that was covered by Vanity Fair). He has a PhD in evolutionary ecology from the University of Edinburgh and now lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Alyssa Yong

Data Curator

Alyssa’s research experience lies in the field of hematology and biochemistry, in which she has co-authored a paper, published in Scientific Reports, on Factor XIII contributions to hemostasis. She was also a Research Technician and has assisted with the development of grant applications and manuscript data management and sharing. She holds a BSc Honours in Pharmacology from the University of British Columbia.

DataSeer is an open-source project developed with the support of the Sloan Foundation.

Our Advisory Board

DataSeer draws on a wealth of Open Data expertise

Nokome Bentley

Founder, Stencila

Nokome was originally a marine scientist with over twenty years experience in research for sustainable management of marine resources. He is the Founder of Stencila, which produces living documents that link tables and plots to the underlying datasets. It serves a platform for reproducible research that bridges the gap in collaboration between coders and non-coders. Nokome is based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Theo Bloom

Executive Editor, BMJ

Theo has a PhD in developmental cell biology from the University of Cambridge, and moved into publishing as an editor on the biology team at Nature. After a number of years helping to develop Current Biology for Current Science Group and then for Elsevier, Theo was instrumental in the birth of the commercial open access publisher BioMed Central. She joined the non-profit open access publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS) in 2008, initially as chief editor of PLOS Biology. She has been a leader on issues around data access and availability for many years.

Phil Bourne

Founding Dean, School of Data Science, University of Virginia

From 2014-2017, Phil was the Associate Director for Data Science at the National Institutes of Health. In this role he led the Big Data to Knowledge Program, coordinating access to and analyzing biomedical research from across the globe and making it available to scientists and researchers. He has done exceptional work to make biomedical research accessible, as well as to advance the field of data science. Prior to his time at the NIH, Phil spent 20 years on the faculty at the University of California-San Diego, eventually becoming Associate Vice Chancellor of Innovation and Industrial Alliances.

Erin Clary

Curation Coordinator, Portage Network

Erin is the Curation Coordinator for the Portage Network, an initiative of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, now supported by Canada’s New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO). She reviews new dataset deposits for the Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR), and as a member of Portage’s Curation Expert Group, she is engaged in developing resources to support a national curation community of practice.

Patrice Lopez

Founder, Science Miner

Patrice is a global expert on the application of Machine Learning to research articles. His previous projects include the pdf to TEI converter Grobid and the Deep Learning Framework For Text (DeLFT). He developed DataSeer’s core Machine Learning algorithms and remains actively engaged with the project. 

Kristen Ratan

Founder, Strategies for Open Science

Kristen Ratan is a seasoned executive and open science advocate with 20+ years leading transformation in scholarly research and research communication. Kristen has a successful track record creating and driving vision, strategy and technology innovations in research, knowledge production, discovery and access. She co-founded the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) and was Publisher at PLOS prior to that.

Jason Roberts

Senior Partner, Origin Editorial

After earning a doctorate in Geography from Loughborough University, Jason worked at Blackwell Science in Oxford, UK. He switched to the editorial team and eventually rose to be Senior Editor of US-based medical journals. In 2010 he left Blackwell to found Origin Editorial, offering his journal management expertise to a much wider range of journals. Jason was the founding president of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors. He works closely with the EQUATOR Network to encourage improved reporting standards among journals, editors, and publishers.

Heather Staines

Director of Community Engagement and Senior Consultant at Delta Think

Before joining DeltaThink, Heather was Head of Partnerships for the Knowledge Futures Group, building open source infrastructure for publishers and libraries. Her previous roles include positions at Hypothesis, Proquest, SIPX (formerly the Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange), Springer SBM, and Greenwood Publishing Group/Praeger Publishers. She is a frequent speaker and participant at industry events including the COUNTER Board of Directors, the STM Futurelab, Society for Scholarly Publishing, the NISO Transfer Standing Committee, the NASIG Digital Preservation Task Force. She has a Ph.D. in Military and Diplomatic History from Yale University.

Adrian Stanley

Managing Director, JMIR

Adrian is the General Manager for JMIR Publications, one of the first pure Open Access publishers and an open science innovator.  Prior to JMIR he was Manager Director, Publishers at Digital Science,  and CEO of Charlesworth Group USA/COO of Charlesworth China, living and working in Beijing for 4 years in the early 2000’s.  Adrian bring’s a wealth of experience from the global scholarly publishing industry, having lived and worked on 3 continents, he has held numerous volunteer posts within SSP, including Past President, International Taskforce Chair, and current Co-Chair of the SSP Funder Task Force. Adrian is also an Ambassador with DOAJ, and former Associate Editor for Learned Publishing.