G7 meeting accord re-iterates commitment to Open Research Data

G7 leaders in Carbis Bay

The recently released Carbis Bay G7 Summit Communiqué contained some impressively strong language around open data. The below is from the text of the main Communiqué itself:

“…we endorse the G7 Compact on Research Collaboration and its commitment to: support policies, legal frameworks and programmes to promote research collaboration; promote sharing of research data; explore enhancements to research assessment and rewards for collaboration and knowledge sharing; and develop a common set of principles which will help protect research and innovation ecosystem across the G7 to open and reciprocal research collaboration.”

The G7 Compact on Research Collaboration gives more detail on their intentions:

Promote the efficient processing and sharing of research data as openly as possible and as securely as necessary across the G7 and beyond, by improving the availability, sustainability, usability and interoperability of research data, technologies, infrastructure and services. We will work together to address the administrative, legal, and regulatory barriers that hinder our scientific cooperation and slow our ability to respond to crises. A specific case study focussed on data sharing in an emergency will increase our resilience by working through barriers;

This big question, of course, is how they plan to promote all this. Given our unique abilities to catalogue the datasets associated with research articles, we are optimistic that DataSeer will be part of their answer…

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