Should reviewers be paid? Catch the debate at the R2R conference

The Researcher2Reader conference has been running annually since 2016 and in recent years has featured a debate about a contentious topic in scholarly publishing. Previous years have debated “Sci-Hub is doing more good than harm to scholarly communication“(2019) and “The venue of its publication tells us nothing useful about the quality of a paper” (2020).

This year the topic of the debate is “Resolved: Journal publishers should pay academics for providing peer review“.

Speaking for the motion will be James Heathers (of the 450 movement) and Brad Fenwick of the University of Tennessee (and former VP at Elsevier). Speaking against will be Alison Mudditt (CEO of PLOS) and DataSeer’s Founder Tim Vines. Given the strong feelings on both sides it seems likely to be a fiery affair…

Part 1 (the opening statements) will take place on Tuesday, 23 Feb at 3:30 pm UK time (7:30 am Pacific), and Part 2 (the rebuttals) on Wednesday at 3.20 pm UK (7:20 am Pacific).

Registration for R2R is still open and can be accessed here

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